Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Stockholm

We first started in 1996 and have since treated more than 15000 patients with great results! 
Our treatments are based on both chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine that has been well tried for thousands of years.
Amongst others we treat infertility, IBS, menopause, stress, eczema, inflammation and much more. 

A lot of patients have more complex ailments and remain untreated or undiagnosed by western hospitals. 

Call us at +46 8 51785688 or send a mail to to find out how we can help you. 

Malou interviews Dr Minqi Yang and her patients. They talked about infertility, skin diseases, coughing and the holistic view of the body.   

AlmaNova interviews 
Martina about her pregnancy with Dr. Yang's help after 5 unsuccessful In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) attempts. 

See other video interviews and thank you letters.

What patients say about us

Want to tell you a happy news. We are now pregnant in week 22 :) with a healthy little baby. Thank you for prior treatments and for a friendly reception in our process of trying to get pregnant. Now we are excited to meet our new little family member in October!


Hi Dr Yang and Ji.
No words are enough to thank you for all the help I have received from you.
When I started the treatment, I had pain in my stomach and body, was full of rashes on my face, eyes and neck. I slept badly, sweated, had diarrhea and the worst of all was a terrible worry and stress inside me. I was very tired and upset. An incredibly bad condition.
Now, after visiting you, I am myself again! No rash right now, the stomach works fine, I sleep well and best of all - I'm calm.
Thank you, dearest for everything!   

Dr. Yang is skilled and one of the best doctors I've ever met.
She has helped me a lot and is the first I turn to.

Thank you for your help so far!

Friendly greetings 

The Clinic & Distance Care

Visit us at our centrally located clinic in Stockholm,  Rådmansgatan 43 


For those who have difficulties coming to the clinic we offer
care at a distance via our web portal.
Get advice, diagnosis and herbal treatment at home!


Please visit our Facebook page
where we frequently post updates about the clinic.

Older News:

We have now started a website dedicated to infertility cases!

Visit to learn more about how we can help with infertility.

Updates to our infertility cases!
Five more pregnancies (that we know of) during the spring!
One couple had twins! Read more

Thomas Di Leva visited us to get a boost for his tour!
Thomas is a famous Swedish singer-songwriter.

We welcome our new intern Talea! The website has also been updated to be more mobile-friendly
It is now much easyer to use our website via mobile phone.  
Feel  free to contact us to give feedback! Read more 

Update on patient cases: lots of pregnancies!
We are pleased that we now have helped more than 130 couples to conceive (that we know of)! Read more about some of them. Read more

New pregnancy cases, internships and eczema
We posted a number of new patient cases where we helped patients to get pregnant.

See also a case of seborrheic eczema.
We are now receiving applications for internships at the clinic, please contact us at

NOTE! We will give courses - Mental Health and Pregnancy
The first course will be about Mental Health and Pregnancy!
Future courses will adress the following topics:
    Fertility - food and exercise. What should you eat and how to train to boost fertility.
    After-care - What can be done to recover after childbirth so that you will not have any problems in the future.

Call to schedule an appointment!

+46 8 51 78 56 88

Mo-Fr 10-18 
Rådmansgatan 43, Stockholm, Sweden