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Ansiktsförlamning - Patientbrev

Jenny blev förlamad i ansiktet efter en operation och kunde bl.a inte stänga ögonlocken. Dr. Yang behandlade Jennys problem med akupunktur och örter med mycket bra resultat på kort tid.

"October 17,2014

Dear Dr. Yang,

First of all , I would like to thank you for helping me recover my motor control over my left face through your acupuncture expertise. I am very very happy and satisfied for the result in such a very short period of time. Over the course of the therapy, I am able to virtually control the movement of my face, close my eyes, and correct my smile.

Almost 80% of recovery was achieved within the 4th session of acupuncture, plus of course with the help of your chinese herbs. Thank you really so much. Today, i'm on my 8th session and still on chinese herbs.

For The Record:

I went to seek help to Dr. Yang for acupuncture therapy for my left face Facial Paralysis. I suffered from facial palsy as a complications from an ear (cholesteatoma) surgery. After the 5 hour ear operation, I woke up with zero control on my left face. Which unabling me to close my eyes, talk, drink and eat properly. After a series of acupuncture, it was in the 4th session that i am totally abled to move the muscles of my face. Most importantly the closing of my eyes. I am not just achieving recovery from my palsy, but i also felt better both body and mind.

Thank You so much Dr. Yang!


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